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OGC Press Release, March 2008: Ocean Scientists Embrace Ocean Standards

auSEABED and dbSEABED (Australian GIS/Database Structure for Offshore Soils)
     Google Earth version
Australia 50-m Multibeam Dataset (Geoscience Australia)
Australian Government’s Open Spatial Data Catalogue FIND
Baltic Sea Bathymetry Database
Baja to Bering Data Compilation (Marine Conservation Biology Institute or MCBI)
Blue Habitats (global seafloor geomorphic features)
California Seafloor/Habitat Data Access Catalog
Crater Lake Bathymetry
Digital Ocean: Nautical Charts for purchase (especially for Canada), including the Seamount Catalog
East Pacific Rise (EPR) Data Browser (WHOI)
Esri Ocean Basemap
EU-SEABED (seafloor/seabed samples)
General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO)
     New GEBCO_08 grid (30 arc second)
Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) Online Mapping
Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) Interactive Web Data Delivery System (IWDDS)
Global Seafloor Topography (interactive Smith & Sandwell)
Gulf of Maine Bathymetry (USGS)
International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO)
Halifax Harbour
Hawaii Bathymetry Service
Hawaii Mapping Research Group (HMRG) Data Archives Marine Geoscience Data System (Lamont)
Marine Realms Information Bank (Digital Library)
Marine Seismic Data Center
NCAR's World of Data (bathymetry included)
NOAA Estuarine Bathymetry
NOAA NGDC Bathymetry Data Viewer (powered by ArcGIS 10 Server)

Provides discovery and delivery of all the NOAA and non-NOAA bathymetric data and derived digital elevation models archived and delivered by NGDC. The viewer includes NOS Hydrographic Survey data, non-hydrographic NOAA bathymetric data, bathymetric data from the U.S. academic fleet, and international bathymetric track line data. It is based on ArcGIS Server 10 and is significantly faster and more responsive than the old individual map servers. You can select from several different backgrounds and each survey is color coded by year (see Legend). When you select an area, an "additional information box" launches with the survey name, survey attributes, and a link to acquire the data. Upcoming developments include the ability to switch to an Arctic map projection, the addition of advanced search and filter tools, and seamless scrolling around the world.

NOAA NOS Hydrographic Database (NOSHDB)
NOAA NOS Data Explorer
NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)
NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) DEM Discovery Portal (includes tsunami inundation)
NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC)
Naval Oceanographic Office (NavOceanO)
Ocean GeoPortal (Smithsonian, pdf file)
Ocean Globe Project (International Underwater Exploration and Information Service, Joe Breman)
Oden Mapping Data Repository, Stockholm University, Sweden
Online Database for the East Pacific Rise, 9°-10°N (HMRG)
Pacific Islands Benthic Habitat Mapping Center (PIBMHC)
     PIBMHC Cruise Catalog
PaCOOS: West Coast Habitat Server (includes Oregon nearshore bathymetry, Oregon continental shelf bathymetry)
PacIOOS Voyager Bathy data
Placentia Bay, Canada - Multibeam Data Viewers (Smart Bay)
PMEL Virtual Reality (AWESOME visualization page - and loads quickly!)
     PMEL Visualization
RIDGE Multibeam Synthesis Project
Scripps Marine Geodesy/Global Topo (David Sandwell)
     SRTM30_Plus Bathymetry used in Google Ocean
Seafloor Data and Observation Visualization Environment (SeaDOVE)(Woods Hole)
Seamount Catalog
     Index Page
Seafloor Mapping Lab, Cal-State Monterey Bay (California Nearshore and Continental Shelf Bathy, Backscatter, Habitat)
Seamounts Online
SIOExplorer (Scripps Digital Library)
Sonar Research & Development, UK (Seabed Visualizations)
Texas Coast Seamless Topo/Bathymetry
Tonga Seafloor Maps and Other Data
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Digital Data Repositories
USGS Monterey Bay Bathy & DEM Shaded Relief
USGS Open-File Report 2012-1266: Bathymetric Terrain Model of the Atlantic Margin for Marine Geological Investigations
USGS Pacific Seafloor Mapping
USGS Seafloor Imagery of the Monterey Bay Continental Shelf
USGS Seafloor Mapping Server
Virtual Ocean (Lamont's Marine Geoscience Data System)