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Pirate Legos (and ocean related and other ...)

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Dawn's Lego "Queen Anne's Revenge" (1097 pieces, Kit 4195)
Dawn's Lego "Imperial Flagship" (1664 pieces, Kit 10210)
Dawn's Lego "Brickbeard's Bounty" ( 592 pieces, Kit 6243)
Dawn's Lego "The Black Seas Barracuda" (865 pieces, Kit 6285)
Dawn's Lego "The Red Beard Runner" (698 pieces, Kit 6290)
Dawn's Lego "Spanish Armada Flagship" (280 pieces, Kit 6280)
Dawn's Lego "Ocean Odyssey Submarine" (623 pieces, Kit 4888)
Legoland in Dawn's Office (current) | Legoland in Dawn's Office (old)
Frank's Lego Pirate Ships Page
Lego 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Nautilus Submarine
Anton Raves' Lego Animation Site
A terrific Lego ship from a web site, in Russian, still using the .su (Soviet Union) country code domain name!