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Marine/Coastal GIS | Internet Map Servers/Atlases

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Abu Dhabi Coastal Atlas
African Marine Atlas
Alaska ShoreZone Viewer
(Internet Explorer only!) Australian Coastal Atlas
Australian Marine Spatial Information System (AMSIS)
Benthic Habitat Atlas of Coastal Texas
Blue Habitats (global seafloor geomorphic features)
British Columbia Pacific Coastal Resources Atlas
California Geoportal (including Coastal Viewer)
Caspian Sea Viewer (oil spill monitoring)
Channel Coast Observatory (UK)
Climate Wizard
CMRC Marine Geographical Information System
Coastal Barrier Resources System Mapper - Beta (US Fish & Wildlife Service)
Coastal Resilience Network (The Nature Conservancy, TNC)
Community Accounts Mapping in Canada
     Nova Scotia
     Newfoundland & Labrador
     Prince Edward Island
Community Resource Inventory Online (Connecticut)
Conservation Assessment of West Coast Estuaries
Coral Triangle Atlas
Data Integration Visualization Exploration and Reporting (DIVER) Explorer
Environmental Marine Information System for Europe (EMIS)
Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA)
European Atlas of the Seas
Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute Web Mapping
(including Tampa Bay, Big Cypress, South Atlantic)
GCOOS Data Portal (Gulf of Mexico Coastal and Ocean Observing System)
Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) Online Mapping
Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI) Interactive Web Data Delivery System (IWDDS)
Glacial Troughs of the Arctic
Global Map of Human Impacts on Marine Ecosystems (NCEAS UCSB)
Global Offshore Wind Farms Database (4C)
Gulf AquaMapper: Offshore Aquaculture Screening Tool
Gulf of Mexico Marine Debris Project
Gulf of Mexico Data Atlas
Hawai'i Aquaculture Marine Mapper Hawaii Tsunami Hazard Information Service
Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia visualization
MAGIC: Coastal and Marine Resource Atlas (UK)
MesoAmerican Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission Chart Viewer
MPAtlas: Explore global marine protected areas, Marine Conservation Institute
MarineBIOS (CA Dept of Fish and Game, CMSP, MPAs)
Marine Irish Digital Atlas (MIDA)
MarineMap (California MPA Design)
MarineMap Online Demo
MPAtlas (Marine Protected Areas Atlas)
MESH webGIS (Mapping European Seabed Habitats)
Multipurpose Marine Cadastre
NANOOS Visualization System (NVS)
     NVS portal to Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model (PRISM) Cruise Data
National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) DEM Discovery Portal (includes tsunami inundation) NGDC Multibeam Bathymetric Data Viewer
NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center Groundfish Observer Data NOAA BIOMapper (Biogeography Intergrated Online Mapper) for St. John's, VI
NOAA Coastal Assessment and Data Synthesis System
NOAA Digital Coast
NOAA Digital Coast: Legislative Atlas (formerly the Ocean Planning Information System or OPIS)
NOAA Electronic Nautical Charts Online (ENC Direct to GIS)
   Related Online Chart Viewer
NOAA Gulf Oil Spill Response Interactive Map Portal
NOAA Historical Shoreline Viewer
NOAA Lake Level Viewer
NOAA Marine Protected Areas Mapping Tool
NOAA National Ocean Service (NOS) MapFinder
NOAA National Ocean Service (NOS) Marine GIS
NOAA nowCOAST (recently updated, March, 2006)
NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer
NOAA's State of the Coast
North Carolina Coastal Hazards Decision Portal
Ocean Globe (International Underwater Explorations, Hawaii, Joe Breman)
Ohio Coastal Atlas
Oregon Coastal Atlas
Oregon North Coast Explorer
Pacific Island Climate Maps (OSU Spatial Climate Analysis Service) OzCoasts (Geoscience Australia, including build your own model)
PaCOOS: West Coast Habitat Server (includes Oregon nearshore bathymetry, Oregon continental shelf bathymetry)
Placentia Bay, Canada - Multibeam Data Viewers (Smart Bay)
Rhode Island Digital Atlas
San Diego Marine Information System (SDMIS)
Shore and Sea Boundaries (NOAA Office of Coast Survey)
SNIMar National GeoPortal of Portugal
USGS Gulf of Mexico GIS/IMS
USGS - NOAA Coastal TopoBathy Viewer
Oregon Coastal Atlas
Seafloor Data and Observation Visualization Environment (SeaDOVE) (once at the site, scroll down)
USGS usSEABED Internet Map Site
Tsunami Disaster Mapping for Indian Ocean Coastal Regions
Virginia Coastal GEMS - Geospatial Education Mapping System
Washington Coastal Atlas
Washington Marine Vegetation Atlas
Wisconsin Sea Grant Resources and more