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An Ocean of Story Maps

Benthic Habitats and Offshore Geological Resources of Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park, Hawai‘i (USGS Open File Report)
Classifying Australia's seascapes for marine conservation (Geoscience Australia)
Communicating Science with GIS (GEO:connexion International Magazine)
Esri GIS and Science Blog (Matt Artz)
Esri Oceans Industry Portal
Esri Oceans Resource Center
Esri ArcNews - Deoxygenation of the Ocean Affects Everyone, So Act Now (Summer 2018)
Esri ArcNews - Tourists Become Citizen Scientists with Sea Turtle Tracking App (Summer 2017)
Esri ArcNews - Gateway Supports Sustainable Growth and Resilience (Summer 2015)
Esri ArcNews - GIS Makes Citizen Science More Accessible (Summer 2015)
Esri ArcWatch - Protecting the Oceans and Shores (April 2014)
Esri ArcNews - Geoenabling Marine Water Quality Monitoring in Abu Dhabi (Spring 2014)
Esri ArcNews - Tracking Vessels Supports EU Sustainable Fishing Policy (Winter 2012/2013)
Esri ArcNews - HELCOM Powers Up Baltic Sea Map Service (Spring 2012)
Esri ArcNews - Exploring Deeper Reefs of American Samoa (Summer 2011)
Esri ArcNews - Tidal Stream Power Potential Assessed (Summer 2011)
Esri ArcNews - Comprehensive Bathymetric Data Management (Summer 2011)
Esri ArcNews - Sea Predators Guide Scientists to Vital Ecosystems (Spring 2011)
Esri ArcNews - Contiguous Coastal Mapping Provides Critical Marine Information (Winter 2011)
Esri ArcNews - Georgia's Coastline Benefits from Lidar-Created DEMs (Winter 2011)
Esri ArcNews - eCoastal Program Fosters an Enterprise Approach to Data Management (Winter 2011)
Esri ArcNews - Underwater Vehicles and Water Supply System Bathymetry (Spring 2010)
Esri ArcNews - Communicating Ocean Science with GIS (Spring 2008)
Esri ArcNews - GIS Gateway for (Marine) Aquaculture and Fisheries (Spring 2008, GISFish)
Esri ArcNews - Lake (Bathymetry) Management GIS (Spring 2008)
Esri ArcNews - NOAA Modernizes Nautical Chart Production (Summer 2007)
Esri ArcNews - Turning the Tide for Troubled Albatross (Spring 2006)
Esri ArcNews - Archaeology and and Oil Spill (Spring 2006)
Esri ArcNews - Mapping Benthic Habitats: The Marine GIS Challenge (Spring 2005)
Esri ArcNews - Amongst the Icebergs, GIS Innovation Aids Antarctic Research (Fall 2004)
Esri ArcNews - Coral Communities in Hawaii Mapped with GIS and Geospatial Video (Fall 2004)
Esri ArcNews - Monitoring Cod in the Gulf of Maine (Fall 2004)
Esri ArcNews - GIS Exploration Under Water (Fall 2003)
Esri ArcNews - Lost Submarine (Summer 2002)
Esri ArcNews - NOAA Shoreline Data Explorer (Summer 2002)
Esri ArcNews - SEAMAP Tasmania (Summer 2002)
Esri ArcUser - The Hidden Lives of Humpbacks Uncovered Using GIS (Winter, 2015)
Esri ArcUser - The Virtual Estuary (Spring, 2010, p. 30)
Esri ArcUser - Virtually Visiting a Remote Park (January-March 2007, Virgin Islands)
Esri ArcWatch - Impact of Climate Changes on Gray Whale Feeding Grounds Tracked with GIS (October 2007)
Esri ArcWatch - NOAA's GIS-Enabled Web Site Helps Resource Managers Navigate Legislation (December 2007)
National Ice Center
ESRI Map Book Online, 2010 (vol. 25, SE Alaska)
ESRI Map Book Online, 2010 (vol. 25, Salish Sea)
ESRI Map Book Online, 2010 (vol. 25, New England)
ESRI Map Book Online, 2010 (vol. 25, Norway)
ESRI Map Book Online, 2010 (vol. 25, Gulf of Aden pirates)
ESRI Map Book Online, 2010 (vol. 25, world natural hazards)
ESRI Map Book Online, 2009 (vol. 24, and use "Search Map Book" also)
ESRI Map Book Online, 2008 (vol. 23)
ESRI Map Book Online, 2006 (vol. 21)
ESRI Map Book Online, 2004 (vol. 19, and use "Search Map Book" also)
ESRI Map Book Online, 2003 (vol. 18, go to "Search", "Global Search", and enter "Oceans")
ESRI Map Book Online, 2001 (vol. 16)
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Track, 2007
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Track, 2006
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Track, 2005
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Track, 2004
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Track, 2003
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Track, 2002
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Track, 2000
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Track, 1999
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Track, 1998
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Track, 1997
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Track, 1996
ESRI Marine/Coastal GIS Papers, 1995
     Marine Reserves      Coastal Resource Atlas ESRI Ocean GIS Special Exhibition, 1999
GEO:connexion International, Geotechnology in the Marine Sciences, November 2010 GEOWORLD article, Scientists use GIS related spatial technology to wirelessly map sea floor
Grey Whale Research off the Coast of British Columbia - GIS Cafe Feature
High Resolution Geologic Mapping of the Inner Continental Shelf: Nahant to Gloucester, MA (USGS Open File Report)
Mapping the Ayles Ice Shelf (GEOconnexion International)
Mapping Ship Locations and Sensor Data in Near Real Time (ArcUser)
Marine Geodesy special issue 31(4): 223-371, 2008, Marine and Coastal GIS for Geomorphology, Habitat Mapping, and Marine Reserves
Marine GIS--Where Multidimensionality Present Special Challenges - GISCafe Feature
Marine Sanctuaries
Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures (Hydro International)
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Continental Shelf GIS
Nearshore Benthic Habitat GIS for the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and Southern California State Fisheries Reserves (USGS Open File Report) The Professional Geographer special issue, 63(4), 2011, Marine Geomorphology in the Design of Marine Reserve Networks
Report of the 1st International Workshop on Marine Spatial Planning (pdf) Surficial Sediment Character of the Louisiana Offshore Continental Shelf Region: A GIS Compilation (USGS Open File Report)

Theses/Dissertations/Student Research Papers

  • Dick, 2016: Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Modeling in the Marine Environment: Humpback Whale Genetic Variability and Seabird Distributions in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean
  • Walbridge, 2012: Assessing Ship Movements Using Volunteered Geographic Information
  • Keon, 2012: Automated Web-based Analysis and Visualization of Spatiotemporal Data
  • Sullivan, 2012: Assessment of the Potential for Conflict between Existing Ocean Space Use and Renewable Energy Development off the Coast of Oregon
  • Bauer, 2012: Assessing the Robustness of Web Feature Services Necessary to Satisfy the Requirements of Coastal Management Applications
  • Raiford, 2011: The Use of Geospatial Data to Support Vulnerability Mapping of the Oregon Coast
  • Reusser, 2010: Biogeography of Nonindigenous Species: From Description to Prediction
  • Kinzel, 2009: Using Educational Tools and Integrative Experiences via Geovisualizations that Incorporate Spatial Thinking, Real World Science and Ocean Literacy Standards in the Classroom: A Case Study Examined
  • Hogrefe, 2008: Derivation of Near-shore Bathymetry from Multispectral Satellite Imagery Used in a Coastal Terrain Model for the Topographic Analysis of Human Influence on Coral Reefs
  • Vance, 2007: If You Build It, Will They Come? Evolution Towards the Application of Multi-Dimensional GIS to Fisheries Oceanography
  • Roberts, 2007: The Marine Geomorphology of American Samoa: Shapes and Distributions of Deep Sea Volcanics
  • Lord-Castillo, 2007: Arc Marine as a Spatial Data Infrastructure: A Marine Data Model Case Study in Whale Tracking by Satellite Telemetry
  • Laskin, 2007: A Marine GIS Case Study of Micro-scale Gray Whale (Eschrichtius robustus) Habitat-use Off Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • Lanier, 2006: A Comparison of Seafloor Sonar Classification Methods Through the Use of Error Matrices and 3-Dimensional GIS Visualization: A Multibeam Sonar Investigation of Nehalem Bank, Oregon
  • Hedstrom, 2005: Introducing Geographic Information Systems to Grass Seed Growers in the Willamette Valley of Oregon
  • Bower, 2005: Using an Internet Map Server and Coastal Remote Sensing for Education
  • Cooper, 2005: Building and Sharing Spatial Metaphors for the Catalogue of Oregon Marine and Coastal Information (COMCI)
  • Keith, 2004: GIS Modeling of Potential Marine Protected Areas in the Northwest Atlantic via Biological and Socioeconomic Parameters
  • Larkin, 2004: Geographic Information Systems for Coral Reef Conservation, Capacity Building, and Public Education in American Samoa
  • Martin, 2004: Spatial Interpolation in Other Dimensions
  • Aaby, 2004: Testing the ArcGIS Marine Data Model: Using Spatial Information to Examine Habitat Utilization Patterns of Reef Fish along the West Coast of Hawaii
  • Lundblad, 2004: The Development and Application of Benthic Classifications for Coral Reef Ecosystems Below 30 m Depth using Multibeam Bathymetry: Tutuila, American Samoa
  • Whitmire, 2003: Integration of High-Resolution Multibeam Sonar Imagery with Observational Data from Submersibles to Classify and Map Benthic Habitats at Heceta Bank, Oregon
  • Walsh, 2002: Developing "Humane" Interfaces to Data Clearinghouses for Improving the Delivery of Spatial Information to Marine Resource Managers
  • O'Dea (now Springborn), 2002: Integrating GIS and Community Mapping into Secondary Science Education: A Web GIS Approach
  • Duvall, 2000: Metadata for the Oregon Coast Geospatial Clearinghouse: Concept, Implementation, and Maintenance
  • Wargo Rub, 2000: A Novel Landscape Ecology Approach for Determining Microhabitat Correlations and Faunal Patchiness in Extreme Environments: Pilot Study for the Southern East Pacific Rise at 17-18° S
  • Revell, 2000: Using Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing to Support Community-Based Coastal Hazards Planning in the Netarts Littoral Cell, Oregon
  • Palacios, 2000: The Potential of Dynamic Segmentation for Aquatic Ecosystem Management: Pacific Lamprey Decline in the Native Lands of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
  • Nasby-Lucas, 2000: Integration of Submersible Transect Data and High-Resolution Sonar Imagery for a Habitat-Based Groundfish Assessment of Heceta Bank, Oregon
  • Ward, 2000: The Implementation of Two Distributed Databases of Water-Related Information
  • Older Marine GIS Theses from Davey Jones' Locker (scroll down to bottom)