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A Simplification of Ria Coastline with Geomorphologic Characteristics Preserved

TitleA Simplification of Ria Coastline with Geomorphologic Characteristics Preserved
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAi, T, Zhou, Q, Zhang, X, Huang, Y, Zhou, M
JournalMarine GeodesyMar. Geod.Mar. Geod.
Date Published2014/04/03
ISBN Number0149-0419
KeywordsGIS and oceanography

To meet the requirements of multi-scale mapping in maritime applications, marine charts need to be produced at various levels of detail (LOD) using map generalization. As a prominent geographic feature, the coastline has to be generalized considering the geomorphologic characteristics rather than from a pure geometric perspective. Morphologic and domain-specific constraints (e.g., safety) should be incorporated in designing a coastline generalization algorithm. Motivated by the generalization of ria coastlines, this article proposes a simplification algorithm that is specific to coastlines. An analysis of ria coasts results in several morphologic constraints that have to be satisfied in coastline generalization, such as the dendritic pattern of estuaries. To satisfy these constraints, a hierarchical estuary tree model is first established by Delaunay triangulation, which helps to represent the dendritic pattern of ria coastlines. Minor estuaries are then deleted to achieve a reasonable coastline simplification. To imitate manual generalization, an indicator is designed to calculate the importance of estuaries in a context dependent manner. By comparing with a well-known bend simply algorithm, we show that the presented method can maintain dendritic pattern of coastline and is free from self-intersection and also granted for navigation safety. This article also demonstrates that the proposed approach is applicable to coastlines in general.

Short TitleMarine GeodesyMarine Geodesy
Alternate JournalMarine Geodesy