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Setting a new course for ocean science

TitleSetting a new course for ocean science
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsPratt, M
KeywordsGIS and oceanography, Esri Oceans Summit, Esri Ocean GIS initiative

How can we go fast with what we've got?

That was the challenge Jack Dangermond posed to 50 key members of the oceans science and resource community who were invited to Esri corporate headquarters in Redlands, California, for the Oceans Summit on November 7–8, 2012.

The first—and only—Esri Oceans Summit was held to identify the challenges to using GIS in the ocean environment and establish a community of GIS ocean interests independent of Esri. Attendees were associated with academic and research institutes, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, consultants, and ocean-related businesses that use GIS in the marine environment. They were led by Dawn Wright, Esri's chief science officer, and joined by 40 Esri staff members, many from software development.

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