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Application of the topographic position index to heterogeneous landscapes

TitleApplication of the topographic position index to heterogeneous landscapes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsDe Reu, J, Bourgeois, J, Bats, M, Zwertvaegher, A, Gelorini, V, De Smedt, P, Chu, W, Antrop, M, De Maeyer, P, Finke, P, Van Meirvenne, M, Verniers, J, Crombé, P
ISBN Number0169-555X
Keywordscontinental slope, BTM (Benthic Terrain Modeler), BPI (bathymetric position index), TPI, terrain modeling,, Deviation from mean elevation, Digital elevation model, geomorphometry, GIS and oceanography, mapping scale, seafloor, geologic habitat, interpretation, classification, GIS, Multibeam bathymetry, terrain analysis, scale, habitat suitability modelling,, Landform classification, Slope position classification, Topographic position index

Abstract Topographic position index (TPI) is an algorithm increasingly used to measure topographic slope positions and to automate landform classifications. We applied TPI to a geoarchaeological research project in northwestern Belgium but its use led to erroneous landform classifications in this heterogeneous landscape. We asked whether deviation from mean elevation (DEV) was a better method for landform classification than TPI. We found that it enabled more accurate geomorphological assessment when using northwestern Belgium as a case study.

Short TitleGeomorphologyGeomorphology
Alternate JournalGeomorphology