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Site Last Updated: May 22, 2016

Ocean Data Interoperability Platform II Workshop 2
Updated Benthic Terrain Modeler
NOAA Updated Sea Level Rise Viewer and new Lake Level Viewer
Sonic Sea

This treasure trove of links is offered as a service in order to help seafloor mapping and marine/coastal GIS specialists, students, and interested parties from all over the world to find helpful information and data. It was originally developed by Dr. Dawn Wright and her graduate students in the Oregon State University Davey Jones' Locker research lab, and is now maintained by Dawn in her role as Esri Chief Scientist.

For questions or comments about these resource pages, please email the Captain directly.

You may venture to the legacy Davey Jones' Locker web site by going to dusk.geo.orst.edu/djl or clicking on the Main Davey Jones' Locker Site at the top right of every page. Or please feel free to sail onwards toward the Esri Oceans Resource Center, the link for which is also available on the bottom of every page.

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