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Marine/Coastal GIS | Projects, Study Sites and MPAs

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5-Year Review of Pacific Coast Groundfish Essential Fish Habitat
Alamagan Island (N. Marianas) Bathy Derived from Ikonos | Metadata
American Samoa Bathymetry and More (Davey Jones Locker)
Arc Marine: the ArcGIS Marine Data Model
Asuncion Island Bathy Derived from Ikonos | ReadMe file
Baja to Bering (Marine Conservation Biology Institute or MCBI)
Caribbean Marine Atlas (CMA) (use their SEARCH to find "GIS" on their site)
Community Resource Inventory Online (Connecticut)
Coral Reef Links from OrSt Fagatele Bay/Samoa site
Ecological Marine Units | YouTube
Environment AUSTRALIA Marine Group
EPA Marine and Coastal Geographic Information
ESRI GIS Best Practices - Ocean Conservation (pdf)
ESRI Marine/Coastal Main Site
Fagatele Bay/American Samoa
G.COAST - Geo Coastal Network Explorer
Geoscience Australia - High Seas and Marine Protected Areas (GIS analysis of seafloor geomorphology exposes conservation concerns)
A Global Map of Human Impacts to Marine Ecosystems
GRASS visualizations, Doubtful Sound, New Zealand (temporary site of Hamish Bowman, University of Otago, New Zealand)
Grenadines MarSIS: Marine Resource and Space-use Information System
Gulf of Maine Habitat Classification Workshop: Mapping for Decision Making (pdf)
Habitat Classification in the Gulf of Maine
Hawaii Tsunami Hazard Information Service
IFREMER GIS applications
Johnston Atoll Bathy Derived from Ikonos (WARNING: 278 Mb file!) | ReadMe file
Kingman Island (Line Islands) Bathy Derived from Ikonos | ReadMe file
LOIS (Land-Ocean Interaction Study) (UK)
A "Map Story" of Geography, Class, and Fate: Passengers on the Titanic
Marine, Coastal, and Continental Ecosystems of Colombia
Marine Data Literacy Project (Murray Brown)
MarineMap (California MPA Design)
MarineMap Online Demo
Marine GIS Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven, GERMANY
Maug Island (Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands) Bathy Derived from Ikonos | ReadMe file
MESH (Mapping European Seabed Habitats)
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Continental Shelf GIS
Moorea GIS
Nearshore Benthic Habitat GIS for the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and Southern California State Fisheries Reserves
New England Aquarium Pelagic GIS Group (bluefin tuna and northern right whale)
NOAA Coastal Biogeography/Fish Habitat
NOAA Ocean Resource Assessment and Habitat Suitability Modeling
NOAA Marine GIS Overview (by Robert Aguirre)
NOAA's OceanGIS (3D GIS and Visualization for Ocean Data)
NOAA Tampa Bay Bathy/Topo/Shoreline Demo Project
Ofu-Olosega (Am. Samoa) Bathy Derived from Ikonos (Maps & Error Analyses)
Palmyra Atoll Bathy Derived from Ikonos (WARNING: 103 Mb file!) Protected Areas GIS (PAGIS, National Marine Sanctuaries)
Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model (PRISM) (University of Washington)
Rose Atoll Bathy Derived from Ikonos | ReadMe file
Saipan Island Bathy Derived from Ikonos and LIDAR (WARNING: 106 Mb file!)
SeaGIS Project (North Sea: Norway, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Scotland)
STEMgis (Mapping in Time) (UK)
Sustainable Seas Expeditions (submersible tracking and Channel Islands GIS)
Tinian Island Mosaics and Bathy Derived from LiDAR | ReadMe file | Maps & Error Analyses
Tutuila, American Samoa Nearshore Bathy Derived from Ikonos | ReadMe file
UN Atlas of the Oceans
Windmill Seafloor Mapping/Classification (benthic habitat)
Wisconsin Coastal GIS Applications Project
World Resources Institute Coral Reef Projects