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Web-based GIS as a tool for supporting marine research

TitleWeb-based GIS as a tool for supporting marine research
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsKulawiak, M, Chybicki, A, Moszynski, M
JournalMar. Geod.Mar. Geod.Mar. Geod.
Keywordsdissemination, GIS, GIS and oceanography, integration and/or coupling of models to GIS, Simulation, Web

Collecting marine data during hydroacoustic research surveys is a complex task, which not only consists of measurements but also analysis, validation, and interpretation of information acquired by various sensors. Automatic integration, visualization, and processing of collected data allow for a more precise investigation of the researched phenomena. The paper presents a dedicated Web-based system for fusion and dissemination of data from satellite imagery, hydrological measurements using CTD probes, acoustic surveys by multibeam systems, side-scan sonars and singlebeam echosounders, as well as live radar feed and oil spill spread models. The system has been designed as a tool for supporting research using the aforementioned techniques.

Short TitleMarine GeodesyMarine Geodesy
Alternate JournalMarine Geodesy