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SeaSketch for oil spill response

TitleSeaSketch for oil spill response
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsPaul, E, McClintock, W, Wright, D
JournalJ. Ocean Technol.J. Ocean Technol.J. Ocean Technol.
Type of ArticleHomeward Bound Commentary, Oil on Water special issue
KeywordsGIS and oceanography, SeaSketch, coastal and marine spatial planning

Planning for oil spill response requires identifying key hazards that could cause an incident,
an analysis of vulnerable assets around the drill site or supply vessels, an inventory, training,
and coordination plan for response actions, and developing a system for providing situational
awareness to support command and control in the event of an incident. In all of these steps, the
use of geographic information systems (GIS) has proven to be essential. However, although
safety measures are in place and protection plans deployed, the unexpected still happens –
a pipe breaks, a rig explodes, a tanker runs aground. Because information is situation-critical,
GIS has also become a major player in emergency response for command, on site work, and
public information.

Short TitleThe Journal of Ocean TechnologyThe Journal of Ocean Technology
Alternate JournalThe Journal of Ocean Technology