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Facilitating open exchange of data and information

TitleFacilitating open exchange of data and information
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsGallagher, J, Orcutt, J, Simpson, P, Wright, D, Pearlman, J, Raymond, L
JournalEarth Science InformaticsEarth Sci. Inform.Earth Sci. Inform.
Date Published2015/01/07
ISBN Number1865-0473
KeywordsData publication, EMU, GIS and oceanography, Governance, interoperability, Open data

By broad consensus, Open Data presents great
value. However, beyond that simple statement, there are a
number of complex, and sometimes contentious, issues that
the science community must address. In this review, we examine
the current state of the core issues of Open Data with
the unique perspective and use cases of the ocean science
community: interoperability; discovery and access; quality
and fitness for purpose; and sustainability. The topics of
Governance and Data Publication are also examined in detail.
Each of the areas covered are, by themselves, complex and the
approaches to the issues under consideration are often at odds
with each other. Any comprehensive policy on Open Data will
require compromises that are best resolved by broad
community input. In the final section of the review, we provide
recommendations that serve as a starting point for these

Short TitleEarth Science InformaticsEarth Science Informatics
Alternate JournalEarth Science Informatics