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Challengs in coastal spatial data infrastructure implementation: A review

TitleChallengs in coastal spatial data infrastructure implementation: A review
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsIdrees, MO
JournalS. African J. GeomaticsS. African J. GeomaticsS. African J. Geomatics
KeywordsCoastal SDI, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, environmental protection, spatial planning, GIS and oceanography, ICAN

The ability to cope with the complexity surrounding the coastal zone requires an integrated approach for sustainable socio-economic development and environmental management. The concept of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) was advanced in response to this. In line with the success story of spatial data infrastructure (SDI), initiatives are currently emerging to develop SDI for marine and coastal environment. The aim of this paper is to review emerging initiatives so as to identify the problems faced with implementation and discuss the way forward. The result may support stakeholders, policy makers, academia, and the government to leverage on the experience of others for a robust and sustainable policy and action plans on coastal management.

Short TitleSouth African Journal of GeomaticsSouth African Journal of Geomatics
Alternate JournalSouth African Journal of Geomatics