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Zoning design for cross-border marine protected areas: The Red Sea Marine Peace Park case study

TitleZoning design for cross-border marine protected areas: The Red Sea Marine Peace Park case study
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsPortman, ME
JournalOcean & Coastal Mgmt.Ocean & Coastal Mgmt.Ocean & Coastal Mgmt.
KeywordsMarine protected area, MPA, GIS and oceanography, decision support, site placement, Red Sea, middle East, peace park

In marine protected areas (MPAs), zoning schemes can help balance multiple resource uses.
Literature on ocean zoning design methods points out the need for analytical tools that guarantee
stakeholder involvement and that address the unique spatial characteristics of the sea, especially
under multiple jurisdictions. I illustrate the use of a method of spatial multi-criteria analysis (MCA)
that combines data of the land and ocean environment with stakeholder preferences to identify areas
most suitable for varying levels of protective zoning. To solicit preferences, I apply social science
survey techniques at an early stage in the process. I synthesize the resulting preferences with physical
data using a geographical information system. This comprehensive approach addresses some of the
challenges of designing zoning for a cross-border, multi-jurisdictional MPA such as varying levels of
information between countries, limited cooperation between managers and scientists, differing
statutory regimes, and difficulties bringing stakeholders together to solicit their opinions. As a case
study, I developed a zoning proposal for the Red Sea Marine Peace Park (RSMPP), a proposed
MPA to be jointly managed by Jordan and Israel in the northern Gulf of Aqaba.

Short TitleOcean & Coastal ManagementOcean & Coastal Management
Alternate JournalOcean & Coastal Management