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Climate modeling with spherical geodesic grids

TitleClimate modeling with spherical geodesic grids
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsRandall, DA, Ringler, TD, Heikes, RP, Jones, P, Baumgardner, J
JournalComputing in Science & EngineeringComputing in Science & EngineeringComputing in Science & Engineering
ISBN Number1521-9615
KeywordsAtmosphere, atmospheric general circulation model, Atmospheric modeling, Carbon dioxide, climate modeling, climatology, computational geometry, Computational modeling, digital simulation, ELU, EMU, Equations, Finite difference methods, geodesic discretization, geophysics computing, GIS and oceanography, massively parallel machines, Mesh generation, message passing, message-passing interface, Oceans, Power harmonic filters, Solid modeling, Voronoi cells

A new approach to climate simulation uses geodesic grids generated from an icosahedron and could become on attractive alternative to current models. We implemented an atmospheric general circulation model using a geodesic discretization of the sphere. Our model uses the message-passing interface and runs efficiently on massively parallel machines.

Alternate JournalComputing in Science & Engineering